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I Am Recovered

This morning I received a thoughtful text from my sister saying, ‘Sending love and hugs as I know today is a hard one’. Today is the...

A Couple o' Bob

Last night I walked past a man begging on a street corner. My sisters and I had given him four pounds the day before and I had no change...

Learning Curve

I had a conversation with a stranger on Facebook a couple of days ago, which is not something I tend to delve into, due to anonymity...

Mrs Ego and Mr Id

The ego and the id. I’ve been studying this lately and applying it to the Netflix show Bojack Horseman. If you haven’t seen it, go watch...


I am a girl lost in a sea of tangled thoughts, I want to get out of my head, There’s a voice there that nags and scorns, That niggles at...

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